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    “Thank you for putting all this together! It's so hard to figure out where to start, what to do first, and who to go to. This is great. Kudos, sir."

    Brian D.

    Drexel Hill, PA

    What you get:

    In my experience, there are 7 crucial steps to starting and developing a career in voiceover. In this document I spell it all out for you in detail, step-by-step.

    What is it all about?

    The problem with the Age of Information is it's also the Age of Conflicting Information. Getting started in voiceover is no different.

    In this guide, I've assembled the steps and resources that I've found along the way to be most helpful.

    In the cases where I recommend people, it's because I know them and trust them and oftentimes have worked with them directly.

    This guide is not meant to be exhaustive, but designed to be a simple, trustworthy starting point for those starting out.